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Published onOct 29, 2019


The book is a collective outcome with contributions from Mahendra Mahey, Abigail Potter, Aisha Al-Abdulla, Armin Straube, Caleb Derven, Ditte Laursen, Gustavo Candela, Katrine Gasser, Kristy Kokegei, Lotte Wilms, Milena Dobreva-McPherson, Paula Bray, Sally Chambers, Sarah Ames, Sophie-Carolin Wagner and Stefan Karner.


UCL Qatar, Qatar University Library, The British Library and the Library of Congress, USA

Organising committee:

Mahendra Mahey (BL), Milena Dobreva-McPherson (UCL Qatar), Georgios Papaioannou (UCL Qatar), Samia Al-Shiba (Qatar University Library), Somia Salim (UCL Qatar) and Dania Jalees (UCL Qatar)

External Reviewers

Wendy Durham, Ruth Hansford, Rachel Withington and Jennifer Quealy

Institutions which supported the initiative, providing their staff members with time to attend:

  • Austrian National Library / Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Austria

  • The British Library, UK

  • Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, Spain

  • Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Ghent University, Belgium

  • History Trust of South Australia, Australia

  • Library of Congress, USA

  • KB National Library of the Netherlands, The Netherlands

  • National Library of Scotland, UK

  • Qatar University Library, Qatar

  • The Royal Danish Library / Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Denmark

  • State Library of New South Wales, Australia

  • UCL Qatar, Qatar

  • University of Alicante, Spain

  • University of Limerick, Ireland

The authors

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